Mutualism, competition, diversity, entropy

Habitat is recognized as a place or environment to dwell. It hosts life with its diverse forms and drifting anchorages with the site and the climate. Site refers to the flowing topos, including geo political narratives projected upon it. It’s not in-situ limited only on land, but extended into the sea and the air. All creatures living in nature are interrelated. As a symphony of systems, habitat is the locus where accumulation of instincts, ideas, and needs of all living creatures is manifested. From within, inhabitation can be experienced either as competition or cooperation, resonance or dissonance. Hence, Habitat is no longer perceived as an origin, it is a second origin. Forged both by natural forces and human activities, including temporal differences, habitat is altered and limited. The flow of habitats is a collection of surviving materials of values, meanings, traditions, and cultures that come from the past and let everything begin anew. The overlying of fast-paced territorial occupation is reinforced by an acceleration of planetary imagination from humans living in close communication. It creates a vigorous movement to expeditious embodiment beyond land, seaward and even down to the body. Captured within territories, it leads to the untamed desire of rapid response to change — as if everything is in a race. As this evolving Habitat presents us with a transect from purely natural to anthropogenic territories, how can we human, depict the ‘real story’ of habitat? And how can we understand in which direction it should move towards?

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