The Third Territorial Attractor

Architectural Association – Diploma Unit 9



The unit continued to expose territorial and institutional crises. Through spatial diagnostics and multi-scaled architectural strategies, the unit will advocate for territorial transformations and institutional adjustments. As spatial crises are numerous and complex, we will focus our attention on those related to ‘economies of life’.

If our fossil-fuelled economies consume and exhaust common resources, the economies of life nurture and enhance them; they include those of care, culture, and resource management. Most trends indicate that we must live in ever-growing cities supplied by an ever-intensifying countryside, yet this polar acceleration has produced an imbalance in which large swathes of our territories are overlooked, uncared for and abandoned. DIP9 posits that somewhere between robotic AI farming and smart-ish cities lies another territorial paradigm on which to implement economies of life and reimagine forms of societal, economic, and environmental occupation. This paradigm, a third territorial attractor, must be reclaimed, designed, and fiercely defended.

Our ambition is two-fold. First, we will study the current architectural forms and territorial organisations of these economies of life, critically positioning ourselves vis-a-vis ongoing and future policies. Second, we will design architectural strategies that adapt, transform, relocate, or create economies of life, establishing a network of units through mobility and connectivity to articulate the third territorial attractor.

We will respond to much needed questions of collective responsibility towards our environment with projects that mediate between territories, institutions, and citizens. Spatial crises have far-reaching consequences for how we live and occupy space that need to be urgently diagnosed, confronted, and responded to.

Vic Sheng-ya Huang

The Care Beyond Protection


Philip Gharios

In the Name of Resilience

Beirut, Lebanon

Ezgi Terzigolu

Re-Set in Stone

United Kingdom

Zi Min Ting

0.25 Room

London, UK

Vasilis Appios

BioCultural Heritage in the Making

Yorkshire Dales, UK

Mohamad Riad Yassine

Deep Requisition

Beirut, Lebanon

Jia Wei Huang

Civic Infiltration Ground

Kampung Baru, Malaysia

Chui Lam Jasmine Chung

Rural Network of Community-Led Hotels


Hendrick Hing Chun Lin

London Recycling Network

London, UK

Romain Conti

HYPER/TERROIR Experimental European Cooperatives for Wine Growing Terroirs


Romain Rihouet

Remote Urbanity

The Alps

Andrew Robertson

Sportscape Urbanism

London, UK

Luciana Bondio

Healing Gardens: Collective Transformation of Coastal Britain Unlisted

Coastal Cornwall, UK